Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Question Not to Ask

Don't ask someone if they have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Seriously - it's not a good question.

If a person is alive, they have a "relationship" with Jesus. He's God. They are a creature. Without God sustaining the universe, they wouldn't exist. That's a relationship right there.

A slightly better question would be if they are aware of that relationship, if they know and think about all that God does for them. In fact, I think this is something that is worthy for all Christians to ponder -- growth as a Christian isn't necessarily a matter of some outward or external "improvements"... but it is the continued growth and awareness of all that God has done for you in providing you what you need for this life and in providing salvation.

But even then... that whole relationship language is just a bit off. It makes things sound... optional. Like a human relationship, where you can ask someone out on a date or break up with them.

You don't get to end your relationship with God. You might choose to rebel, you might choose to be wicked... but He's still God and He still provides you your daily bread. Christ Jesus has still died for your sins even if you hate Him for it. God is God, and there's nothing you can do to change that fact.

We aren't the actors in our faith - we don't create, we don't go forge a relationship with God. Rather this - by the power of His Word, God opens our eyes over and over and over again so that we see more and more the continued care and love that Christ shows us in all things. We realize more and more His goodness, even as the world, Satan, and our sinful flesh try to blind us.

He is our God - faith is simply seeing and believing this to be true.

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