Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not Just a Great Title

Thomas Lemke writes an awesome post touching upon many things -- Gay Marriage, Natural Law, Arugmentation.

One thing he does is... go against my normal stand, but for a totally awesome reason.  One thing I normally say is that when debating policy, etc in the public square, you can't really use Scripture as that isn't accepted by all.  Saying "the bible says _______" isn't viewed as convincing data for a non-believer.

Thomas turns that on it's head properly.  Why in the world are we worried about making secular arguments when we should be proclaiming the Word of God and letting the Holy Spirit work through the Word and create faith when are where He wills?  Are we more worried about getting our way in a political debate than we are about proclaiming the Word?

And if we are... how messed up is that?

It's a really good point - one I shall have to ponder for a while.

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