Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Love Of

The phrase is not "money is the root of all evil" - it's "the love of money..."

Again, consider the meaning of the 1st Commandment -- we should fear, LOVE, and trust in God above all things.  What do you love?

This is what sinful man does - he turns God's blessings against Him.  God gives wealth, and man turns to greed.  God gives food, and many turns to gluttony.  God gives beauty, and man turns to lust.  God gives any gift, and man turns to pride.

Because we love the thing given more than we love the Giver of the good gift.  We think the blessings we have received show us to be better, to be superior than our neighbor - and thus we love ourselves more than God.

A thing to ponder.  What do you elevate above God, what do you love more than God?  Repent - and put God's gifts in their proper place, where they may be enjoyed but not worshiped.

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