Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where Your Perfection Is, there Your Heart Will Be Also

I have noticed a trend that I think can be slightly disturbing.  I'll see a quote posted by a theologian, and it will be a good quote.  But then someone will complain and point out some error or problem that the quoted theologian has in some other part of his theology and say, "I don't know why we bother dealing with this person."

This annoys me greatly.

Why?  Well... name me a theologian who doesn't have errors somewhere.  Seriously - name me one.  Name me someone with whom you can't find a quibble.  I'd say possibly Ignatius of Antioch, but if all you've got are 7 short letters written whilest on your way to be martyred... that's not a lot of room to mess up in.  Luther wrote things that many folks with quibble with (ironically many of the "Die-hard Lutheran" folks I know would quibble with more of Luther than I would). 

Are we seeking perfect theologians... or even theologians who only perfectly express what I think?  If we are, that is just ego and sin talking.  Where your treasure is, there your heart will be.  Are you seeking theological perfection (or even think that you possess it)... or do you acknowledge that Christ Jesus alone is perfect... and even if the blind squirrel of a theologian finds an acorn you will rejoice in it? 

Theologians who are quite wrong on many topics can have good insights elsewhere.  And if you think that this can't be true -- remember, we keep you around even though you are often a dolt.  Show others the same charity you receive... or perhaps the problem that you think you don't need any theological charity?


Christopher D. Hall said...

You're just upset that you are wrong about pork bbq and Capon, aren't you?? :)

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Oh, don't you comment here -- then people will write off this blog because it can't be any good if Hall reads it and comments there!

But I will admit that I am annoyed the sweeping aside of a person on topic A because you don't like how they handle topic B... it's just sort of... shallow.