Friday, October 26, 2012

A Growing Kid...What is Growth?

My son is growing.  This week, he has taken his first steps.  He has scribbled with Crayons for the first time.  He knows as of today that the Lightning McQueen spoon (you know, I've not yet seen Cars) should go in the mouth - and he is glad to stick it in daddy's mouth.  He is growing.

But what does that actually mean?  Is Victor now more "Victor-y" today than he was yesterday?  Is he a better son?  Is he fundamentally different?  No.  He is simply being who he is, more so and more so.  He has grown -- but he is still who he is - Victor.  He just does more and more human things, more and more Victor things.

I used to think of growth as change - as a transformation.  And this is one of the reasons why I dislike so much of the growth talk in the Church - I used to be X but now I am Y (oh what a good boy am I).  No - we are who we are - those who are justified by Christ Jesus, sinners forgiven and given new life.  Who we are doesn't change, doesn't shift -- might we show forth who we are, might we acquire new skills... um... sure... but that doesn't say anything about us, that doesn't change us.  We are still who we are in Christ.

It's great that my son can totter a few steps -- but he was my son a week ago, he is my son now, he is my son 4 years from now.  He is Victor - and that is much more important, more vital than "growth."

You are forgiven on account of Christ.  You are a child of God.  That's what's always most important. 

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