Friday, November 16, 2012

Sin is appealing

Sin is appealing.

Seriously, sin is appealing.  Oh, to be sure, not every specific flavor of sin is appealing to everyone, but, as a rule of thumb, sin is appealing.  People sin because at the time, in the moment, it seems like a good idea.  People sin because it's something they like.

You have your own sins that you like - that appeal to you, that call out to you, that tempt you.

Remember this when dealing with other people, especially people who find sins appealing that you find disgusting.  They don't go "ewww" when they think about it... it seems rather enticing, even if there is guilt and shame there.

You aren't going to out appeal sin - you aren't going to make goodness somehow seem better -- and you certainly aren't going to convince someone that their pet sins are "icky".  What you can do is point out that it is wrong, and the honest, simple truth that we as fallen human beings often want things that are wrong or bad for us.

Don't try to get people to not want to do a specific sin -- rather, show them that you yourself struggle against things which you know yourself are bad for you.

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