Monday, December 10, 2012

Whose Good Works Ought You Examine

So, whose good works ought you examine?

Seriously, whose works are you evaluating?  When you go onto your discussions about how "people" ought to behave, are you sitting and examining your neighbor, or are you examining your own actions, are you striving to drive yourself to repentance?

When you go on a rant about behavior and how things need to change - are they about things *you* need to change, or are they about things you think the other guy over there needs to change?

So, whose good works ought you examine?

Or to put it this way -- do you think your own need to repent is greater than the need for you to shape up your neighbor's life? 


Matt Cochran said...

Given that this inquisitive post at the "Confessional Gadfly" invites a discussion on how people ought to behave and is posted for public consumption as well as for your own personal use, I'm going to conclude that you think it's important to shape up your neighbor's life.

However, I'm not going to do you a disservice by assuming that this task you've embarked on is more important to you than repenting. It's just a blog post, after all. I hope that you and your readers do the same as you examine your neighbors' good work of examining good works.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

You still read my blog?

Matt Cochran said...

Yes. It's a failing of mine that I'm more likely to speak up to say something negative rather than something positive, but you are in my rss feed.