Thursday, February 7, 2013

Theology or Social Corrective?

One of the great dangers for American theologians is to fall into the trap of mistaking social correctives for theology.  Now, as Confessional Lutherans, we historically have jumped all over this - we trash Finney and his ilk - we lambaste the social gospel and the like.

However, we too can far prey to the same sort of approach to theology.

Consider.  When you approach an issue, a topic, do you approach it simply on the basis of what the Scriptures say... or do you see an ill in society and then approach the Scriptures trying to find (or more likely justify) some solution that would fix the problem.

The later is not "theology" - it is trying to fix a social problem using Scripture as a secondary support for your plan.

Or to put it this way - if you are trying to fix a problem, you are running from a totally law based point of view, and often this will ignore or run roughshod over Christian Freedom, compassion, and mercy.  Because the Law has teeth.

Now yes, I know, there will be the cries of Antinomian - yes, yes, yes.  But again, is our main thrust and purpose the proclamation of the Law, to be a new and better Moses -- or is it to preach Christ and Him Crucified... and Law so that sinners are shown their sin and need for Christ?

Just something to ponder...

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