Saturday, April 27, 2013

Where Should the Growth Be?

I'm not opposed to growth.  Really?  I'm not.  I just don't like having a focus on it because, well, first, focusing on growth doesn't give growth (no more than yelling at a plant will make it grow... now, watering it... that's something else).

But here is the bigger frustration.  So often I see a side-stepping of the commandments - where they are applied to the neighbor, but not to the self.

Don't use dirty words -- but what of how I use my own words as regards my neighbor?  And yet - that person over there isn't acting in a "sanctified" fashion.

You need to honor and respect the family... while we disdain other earthly authorities (because the if Paul knew how bad ________ was, he wouldn't have told us to pray for the Emperor... you know, Emperor Nero).

Those gays are trying to ruin marriage... while we turn a blind eye to the disdain that we show towards sexuality or marriage.

Of course, the rich are greedy... and by rich we mean anyone making more than us.  And let's not even get onto how lazy and greedy the poor are and how they just want more from the government (but you mean I might pay more in taxes...oh, how dare you!)

It's all... superficial.  It's not really getting down deep into the law - it's not focused on actually loving the neighbor and thinking about what that does mean.

Skim the surface and elevate the self... blech.

No.  Let's dive into the Law.  Let's have it curb, hammer, and guide us, all at the same time.  And then let us fix our eyes upon Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith, sure that He who began a good work in us will bring it to completion.


Steve Martin said...

Amen, Rev.!


I mentioned on another blog about going to a men's bible study a few years ago with about 50 or so non-denoms and a few scattered others, including a Lutheran pastor, myself, and a few Catholics.

Romans was the study. I thought great!

These poor slobs were so into their 'own growth' that they could not see the beauty and freedom of Jesus standing right there in front of their noses.

I did make an effort to guide that train back onto the rails. But like a tree bent by the wind, they sprung right back to 'themselves' and what they should, ought and must be doing to 'grow' in Christ.


I did ask the Lutheran pastor how long he had been there with these folks and he told me a couple of years. I said, "these guys are just not hearing it, rev.. Blow this pop stand and look for some fresh ears."

I haven't been back. That Lutheran pastor saved me a lot of wasted time. Were that he could do the same for himself. Maybe he's a masochist.

Anonymous said...

I agree Pastor Brown. With you 100%.