Tuesday, May 7, 2013


As Christians, we are called to confront reality... if I wanted to be trendy or hip, I might say that we face "two kinds of reality."

On the one hand, we face the reality of sin and death.  Things stink.  You do wrong and wretch and foolish things.  And you will die.

On the other hand, we face the reality of Christ.  God becomes man, suffers, dies, and rises to win you salvation, and He comes to you today in Baptism, in the Word, in His Supper, so that you have forgiveness and His life.

This is reality.  This is the life we live in.

We don't need to run from these.  We do not need to run from our sin, nor shy away from simple, pure grace given without any merit in us.

We don't need to try to persuade people that these are true by clever word play.  It's reality, it's how it is. 

We simply call a thing what it is.

You are a sinner.  Christ has died for you.  Take and Eat.


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Steve Martin said...

It's great to be a part of a church, a people, who aren't afraid to speak the truth...and hear the truth about themselves...and God.

Thanks, Rev..