Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Opposite of Peace

So, if I were to ask you what the opposite of "peace" was, what would you say?  Violence?  War?  Anger?

Might I suggest... drama.

Consider the classic idea of drama itself - it is a story driven by conflict and angst.  In other words, you don't have much "peace" in most stories - otherwise there's not much of a plot.

And then you have the modern idea of drama - where we turn everything into drama.  A small thing, instead of being brushed aside, is made a big deal.  A conversation no longer is a mere conversation - it bespeaks to everything in all the world.  Everything is made into a huge deal, and we are ratcheted up and worked up and stir up, passions enflamed, feelings hurt, so on and so forth.

You know - the opposite of peace.

Here is a secret of the Christian faith.

You, O Christian, don't need to get caught up in the drama.

Really.  You don't.  Christ Jesus lives.  All this will pass away.  Pain, sorrow, stupidity - even your own righteousness that you want to extol (even though it's just filthy rags) - doesn't last.  Won't last.  Is done with, is conquered by Christ.

The story of salvation is complete.  The drama is ended.  It is finished.

Peace be with you.

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