Monday, August 5, 2013

What Makes a Good Work... Good?

So, you want to be about doing Good Works.  That's a plus, I suppose.  But where to find these good works to do, how and where to find them, eh?

Some point falsely assume that when one becomes a Christian that suddenly you end up doing more and extra things - that these are "good" because they go above and beyond the call of duty.  Well, that's just flat silly.  Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.  You *can't* go above the call of duty, for there is nothing above that.

Well, some will think that good works refers to specific things that are God pleasing - like helping a stranger who can't repay you.  Well, I suppose that's good... but is that the essence of what makes a good work... good?

Consider creation  God creates, and then He says that it is good.

Consider your life.  You are a new creation in Christ, and God has declared that you are good.

Good works aren't anything flashy.  They aren't anything astonishing.  They are simply what you do, in your life, as a redeemed Christian.  The simple, the mundane.  God sees these, sees you living out your life in Christ, and He says, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"

Well then, one might ask - does this mean that you should just go can sin and do bad things?

Response:  Who said anything about going and doing wickedness?

Go, oh Christian.  Love your neighbor.  Beat down your sinful desires.  And know that you are loved by God and that in Christ you have been declared good.  Quit trying to measure your works, for Christ is your righteousness!


Steve Martin said...


"All our righteous deeds are as filthy rags."


Because our motives are tainted when we are trying to please God with 'what we do'.

I don't know about you...but I have never met a pure motive yet.

Mike Baker said...

...and let us not forget that doing "greater good" or doing things to prove one's own righteousness is an inherently selfish act.

It is only when everything is already given to you as a free gift that what you give is done without artifice and hidden motive.

In my own self-righteousness, I gave sinfully to prove how righteous I was... but now I have everything in Christ. Finally, I can truly give to my neighbor.

Steve Martin said...

Even now that I know there is nothing I can, or need to add to Christ's finished motives are still not pure. But the person or people that I might help do benefit, anyway.