Monday, October 21, 2013

Just a Little Bit of History Repeating...

During the 'battle for the bible', we were "allies" with the Evangelicals, and we unthinkingly aped their style without regard for theology. This has had a devastating impact.  This paved the way for "Evangelical Style, Lutheran Substance" - this begets so much of the worship wars that we are still experiencing.

Yet, because those who ignore History are doomed to repeat it, in the midst of another battle, this one about sex, we are "allies" with Rome, and we have people unthinkingly aping their approach to works and sexuality without regard for theology (and especially Justification).

Pay attention.  Watch how people are talking - and if in their fears over society and worries about the future they aren't grasping at the most powerful straw they see - Rome.

There are many times we can be allies with Rome... but we must watch out for the theological creep - for the drip of their assumptions to move in.  Watch, lest grace be less and less imputed and more and more infused, as it were.  Watch, lest we grow tired of simply trusting Christ and His Gospel, and try to impose more order via sanctification and the like.

Or do we not realize that is just warmed over Roman Catholicism?

Justification cannot be tossed to the side.  Law and Gospel are not outmoded ways of thinking.
And if you hear even the good Lutherans speaking this way - be on guard, for these will be the men who birth the heresies of the 2030s and 2040s.


the Old Adam said...

Spot on.

Unity, yes.

But NEVER at the expense of the pure gospel.

Tom Lemke said...

Bingo. Nailed it.