Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rewards and Works.

If someone wants to tell me how God rewards good works... okay, I can buy that.  Far be it from me to tell God He can or cannot reward good.

However, if you are the one pointing this out, don't then tell me about your good works... for instead, I will know them only to be covetous works instead.

We are but unworthy servants.  We do not even do our duty, and fail in that - but thanks be to God for Christ Jesus and His greatness and goodness.

Delight in the rewards your own good works get you.  I will instead delight in the great rewards Christ's work has won Him, for He gives me this to me freely and joyously.

1 comment:

the Old Adam said...

Talk of "rewards" just sends us back into ourselves and our selfish motivations.

It proves how lost we are.