Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Best Four Days

Four Days.  Four Days in a row I will have church.  And they are the best four days of the year.

Tonight - Maundy Thursday.  Now, try as some might to turn this into the finger wagging night of moralism (oh, look, a new commandment... see things are new and different in the Church -- as though we have not always been told to love our neighbor), it's still the service where you get to talk about the Supper.  Given and Shed for you.  Awesome.

Friday - Good Friday.  The Passion.  It is Finished, hear Him cry.  Gotta love seeing Christ defeat sin and death by taking sin upon Himself and dying.  Ain't what I do - look at Christ.  Awesome.

Easter Vigil - yeah, let's have a service with tons of readings about deliverance - how God is wonderful and good to us and always has been.

Easter.  Death, go get bent.  Jesus lives, and so shall we.

What better days are there?  What is more wondrous than this?

And it's all about Christ Jesus and what He does for us.  We decrease that He may increase and give us blessing after blessing after blessing.  Just total awesomeness.

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