Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Parable

And he told a parable to those who were on Facebook and the Blogs making sure everyone else did things exactly the way they wanted:

"The Kingdom of Missouri will be like a valley filled with flocks and shepherds, each wandering in their own space.  Then one of the shepherds, upon seeing a wolf entering the valley and approach a flock, cries out 'wolf' to alert the nearby shepherds.  A second shepherd across the valley says, 'That is not enough!' and pulls out his M-60 and starts laying down covering fire.  A third shepherd across the valley cries, 'It's coming right at us,' and starts firing rocket propelled grenades.  And yet another shepherd leads his flock into a crag, saying, 'This valley is full of wolves - stay here sheep - I may have to nuke it.'

"When the owner of all the flocks returns, the shepherds will say, 'We were not zealous in defending your sheep?'  And standing amidst the little bits of sheep chunks blown to kingdom (or a stew pot) come, the owner will say, 'Good night - have you heard of a sling shot, people?  Or a Shepherd's crook?  Shoot, even a rifle with a scope would have worked!'  Then he himself will pull out his sling and slay the wolf, who apparently is very good at dodging."

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