Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Do You Really Expect to "Win"?

Do you really expect to "win"?

Your grand crusade - do you expect to win?  That sweeping reform, that great attempt at fixing "_____" - whatever that blank happens to be filled with. 

Do you really expect to "win" - and if so, what would winning look like?

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One of the things I love about advent is all the eschatology, all the end timey talk.  Why?  Because the Scriptures remind us that until Christ comes again, there will not be triumphs and endless success and praise.  No, there will be trials and troubles and tribulation until *Christ* comes and He obtains the victory.

And you know what?  That wonderful, pious crusade I'm on.  I'm not going to "win".  I'm not going to "fix" things - because until Christ returns, we're going to be dealing with sinful folks who will still be sinners until the end. 

We don't win in this life.  We don't fix the problems.  We don't bring in the new and great golden age.

Instead - we pray for endurance.  Self-control.  We learn to rejoice in suffering.  We learn that God's grace is sufficient, that His strength is made perfect in weakness.

If I look to my efforts, even the most pious and grand efforts, they will all fail; they will all fall by the wayside. 

There is no victory expect Christ's - and we need to wait to see that in full.  And any other "victory" is just the triumph of my sinful flesh -- that is, something I need to repent of.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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