Monday, July 6, 2015

Squeamish Christians

Imagine you walked into a surgeon's office, and the surgeon told you that he was squeamish about the sight of blood.  Would you want him doing your surgery?  Of course not - I don't want the guy who is going to be cutting on me to pass out at the sight of blood.

So what of Christians?  We work with the sick - people sick and dying because of sin. 

Yet... how often is the tendency to be squeamish regarding sin?  When a fellow Christian is hurt and suffering from sin - do we freak out?  Do we go "ewwww" -- or do we help them confront their sin, confess their sin, repent and struggle against their sin?  Do we say, "This is too bad, too gross, too messed up" - or do we proclaim Christ Jesus, who though their sin is strong is even stronger.

I've long said that a pastor cannot afford to be offended or put out by sin -- of course I can't.  My job is to forgive it -- not recoil away from the sinner.  We Christians are not goody-two-shoes.  We are forgiven sinners who deal with other sinners.  It's a dirty, messy life - and we can't be squeamish about it.

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