Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Workers in the Vineyard

This upcoming Sunday is the workers in the vineyard text.  The hymn of the day is Salvation Unto Us Has Come.  It's a great day - it's a sola gratia day - Grace Alone.

The beauty of the lectionary is that it serves to gently correct and curb us, guides us and acts like a trellis, and returns us again to the heart of what we preach and teach.  And the heart of this is that we are saved by grace through faith in Christ.  Not by works of the law, no matter how good or virtuous they are.

You think it wouldn't be that hard to keep that the center of things - but the beginning symphony of faith (check out the Greek in Mathew 20:2) soon becomes grumbling and dischord when instead of focusing on God's grace freely given, we instead become focused upon the works of others - how poor they are, how they aren't up to our standards.

And our eye becomes evil and no longer craves and celebrates the Goodness of God.  Instead, we put forth our own efforts and actions as the center of everything.  This is horrid.

Keep yourselves from idols, little children =o)

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