Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ablaze! - Pronunciation and Meaning

Over at another blog a question was raised as to how to pronounce "Ablaze!" with the "!" point. Here is the answer I have determined (and mind you, I have a degree in Classics).

"Ablaze!" is the 2nd person singular Imperative of the Latin "Ablazare" - which means "To throw money into a bottomless burecratic pit." As "Ablaze!" derives from a Latin work, it's proper pronunciation would be phonetically Ah-Blah-Zay - with the emphasis upon the last syllable. It sounds similar to how Professor Masaki would respond to a poor piece of art - "It was. . . ah, blaise."

I hope this is helpful. If you find the text compels you to preach Ablaze! to your people, please use the proper pronunciation.

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