Monday, July 16, 2007

Thoughts from the Convention in Houston

Here are some thoughts from the convention in Houston.

1. Why in the world do I have to go to the McDonald's down the street for free wifi when I am staying at the Hyatt?
2. Whoever thought that the "confessionals" should do delaying tactics made a huge error. Why? You bore delegates. That ticks them off. Moreover, it wears them out, so that when you do make salient points, well, they are either too tired to pay attention or figure you are just stalling. Bored delegates simply default to the chair. Folly, absolute folly.
3. Heartening sign - as I am a positive sort of guy - The praise band rendition of "Lift High the Cross" was the quietest (in terms of congregational singing) that I had ever heard.
4. Our new 3rd VP will be a lonely man.
5. Our President, for all his faults, does run a nice meeting - and is by in large fair and not too snide (only when he gets his own time, like presidential address, not in running the meeting).
6. Life in my church goes on. So does life in your church. Carry on, teach rightly, worship rightly - and be calm. We haven't become the ALC circa 1977 yet.

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Anonymous said...

Eric, I watched almost 2 hours of the convention after I got home from church yesterday. All I can say is that I don't envy you for being there. I was watching as they rejected floor name after floor name for the BOD. The only reassuring thing that comes out of the convention is #6 of your list. To God alone be all the glory!