Monday, July 2, 2007

The Way of the Pastor. . .

There is an old Samurai adage - "The Way of the Warrior is to Die". The idea is that the samurai must be prepared for death at any moment and be prepared to accept it in service of his master. Now, granted, this could be said of Christians - and it could be said of husbands who are to love their wives as Christ loved the Church (now how did Christ demonstrate His love - that while we were still sinners He what. . . oh man - she's whining about submitting and I have to die!).

But I want to change it - "The Way of the Pastor is to be inconvenienced." Think about it - so much of Pastoral care is at the wrong time, it involves travel in bad weather, dealing with people who don't always treat you the best in rough sitatuions, calls in the middle of the night. Or even planned things. Today, I go visit a member in OKC for surgery. It's his third back surgery. The first was on Friday, my day off. The second was on Maundy Thursday (I could have beatten him with a stick). Today, it's monday - my office cave day where I schedule nothing so I can draft my sermon. Instead - I shall visit and my whole week will be thrown off - when my month is already off with going to National Convention and planning for a wedding at the beginning of August.

Do I begrudge my member the surgery? Not in the slightest. He needs it - and I will gladly be there for him. Why? The way of the Pastor is to be inconvenienced. Tis the burden of the office. And speaking of - the next topic I will write on (other than little snide things) is as follows - "Offices give burdens, not abilities."

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