Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back from the Honeymoon

I figured I would just put a few things here so that my loyal. . . occassional. . . sporadic readers would know what is up. I am now happily wed to the lovely Celia. We have gotten back from our honeymoon, although there was much trial with it. Let us mark the 4 trials of the honeymoon.

1. Tickets. We went through priceline to get our tickets. Priceline made an error - had us returning Sept 16th instead of August 16th. I didn't catch this until Aug 1 - so nothing could be changed. We had to buy one-way tickets to get home. Ouch. And this was after 3 hours on the phone that cancelled the previously mentioned game with the confessional cell group.

2. Vouchers. I went through a travel agent to set up the hotels - figured I'd pay a bit more to have everything set up. So, I get to my first hotel, and they ask me for my voucher - to which I say, "Huh?" The travel agent company in Ireland works through vouchers - where I pay them, they give me a voucher, and the hotel/B&B takes voucher and gets paid. They gave me no vouchers. So, first hotel faxes and gets confirmation. B&B lady in Kilkenny finds out, calls travel agent company, tells them to e-mail every other place I am staying and fix this so I don't have to handle anything more on my honeymoon. A good gal - she will be getting a card from me.

3. Bruisage. This past Tuesday I missed a step in Cobh (by Cork) - brusing the ball of my big toe on my right foot and jamming the ankle. Hobbling is fun - especially when on Thursday you get to run through Heathrow to make your flight.

4. Baggage. One of my wife's bags didn't make it back from London (we flew Dublin -> London -> Chicago -> OKC). They have found it, they should be sending it (we got it sorted this morning, finally). However, my wife doesn't like to shop - especially clothe shopping. This means the vast majority of her summer time clothes were in that bag. She starts school up here on Monday. We had to go clothes shopping yesterday - she wasn't overly thrilled - but she got nice stuff.

Now, even with all that, fantastic trip. Good times with good wife. And Guinness. And Murphy's. And Kilkenny Ale. And fantastic wheat bread. And Rashers. Every time I go overseas I find I dislike the FDA and preservatives (and corn syrup as a sweetener) less and less. So now I go to sleep to be awake for service tomorrow - but we are back, mostly in good health - and ready to begin our lives together here (which seems to be mailing a matter of unpacking stuff - oh well, thus is life). Thank you all for your prayers, and do continue them. Witty things and sermons shall return starting tomorrow.

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