Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Point of Apologetics

Apologetics never save anyone. No one by their own reason or strength believes in Jesus Christ - not you, not me, not the skeptic down the street. Apologetics are not Gospel. Apologetics are law.

I don't know if we often think of them this way - but what does the Law do? It shows us our sin. When we are arguing apologetics with people what are we doing? They have objections, and we show them how their objections are stupid - and the best we can hope for is for them to admit that their objections are stupid. "You're stupid" is a law statement.

Apologetics kill. They kill human vanity and trust in reason. They tear down artificial walls that man throws up. And that's it. Apologetics are a valuable tool - but they can't be the only tool in our box. Demonstrating the plausability of Scripture or the veracity of the historical record doesn't create faith. Hopefully though, like the Law, it might help pave the way. Useful - yes. Vital - in some cases. Viviving - never.

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