Monday, January 28, 2008

A contrast in headlines

So, heading to CNN, there were two headlines right next to each other.

The first - Mormon Leader Gordon Hinckley dead at 97.
The second - Greek Orthodox Church Leader dies from cancer.

Now, I will admit, although I find I do respect the Greeks on many accounts, I tend to bang on them a bit, this headline I think is illustrative of what is wrong with mormonism and also American culture.

I love the fact that the reference is to the leader of the Greek Orthodox Church. Doesn't even give his name in the headlines. Now, the article goes into more detail - but the focus isn't placed on the man so much as it is upon the Church. He was their leader - that was the important thing - his relationship to the Church. And what comes next - they will pick a new leader.

Contrast this to Gordon Hinckley - His name is the centerpiece of the headline - his role is just a description of what he does. Rather, it is a personality who past, one who is charsimatic. Maybe there will be someone to fill his shoes.

So - which one do you think Americans would rather their pastor be like. The faithful holder of office who does his job well (even though he ruffles some feathers) - or the force of personality who is kind, weakens stances, but leads "5% a year" growth and massive building programs?

Which do we in American value more - service or personality? Which do we value more - faithfulness or numeric growth? Woe to us who desire to be simple faithful pastors serving in our Lord's Church here in America!


Doorman-Priest said...

Not just in America.

Past Elder said...

I guess the decision was made for me -- I saw a story on the Mormon president on all the portals I visit, nothing about the Orthodox, including just now. A search produced a story on CNN and Yahoo!. But I wouldn't have searched had I not read it here.