Friday, August 1, 2008

Defined by gifts

On the way over the church to drop off mileage for July on today, my day off, a thought occurred to me. I think people forget that this is my job - that being a pastor is how I support my family, and that I do take days off, that I look forward to vacation even while I enjoy being a pastor.

Being a Pastor does not define who I am.

This is the thought that has been bouncing around my head. Being a pastor is a large part of my life - but it doesn't define me. We aren't defined by what we do - we are defined by the gifts we have received from God.

I have received the gift of faith and salvation from Christ. That defines who I am throughout all eternity.

I have been given a wonderful gift in my wife. My tombstone will reference her - I don't know if it will mention "Rev" - but it will mention me bride. I am defined by her.

I have been given a wonderful gift in my parents. All the days of my life I shall be defined as their son.

And yes, I am defined by the gift of the office to which I have been called to serve God's people - but there are others things that define who I am more so - and perhaps God will gift me with other definitional things - some that are above and beyond being a pastor (mayhaps I will be gifted to be a father one day), some that are alongside (mayhaps one day I will have a doctorate and teach, mayhaps I will become a househusband and devote myself to the care and education of my children, mayhaps I will have a stroke and have the gift of providing employment to folks in long term care).

But chiefly I am defined by Christ, who has claimed me as His own. It's not about what I do, who I am. It's about who He is and what He has seen fit to given to me. Thanks be to God for all His blessings freely given!


Jay Hobson said...

But I thought Batman said it *was* what you do that defines you.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

He's a cape wearing freak with severe mental problems. . . and a sweet budget.

As a future pastor, you will not have access to the sweet budget part, so no kevlar clericals or wrist gauntlets that can sped distribute Communion.

We get different gifts. It looks as one day you'll be a pastor - that will be a gift. But so is the fact that you have spiffy hair. . . at least for now.

:Sigh: Sorry, I got my hair cut on Thursday. I hadn't over the course of the summer yet. There wasn't that much hair on the floor when Helen was done. The Lord giveth. . . oi.