Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things we're embarrassed to ask about

There are things that we are embarrassed to ask about. The third time you've met someone, you can be embarrassed to ask their name again. There can be times when in visiting the doctor, you might be embarrassed about potential consequences and not ask. It happens. . . most of us will get embarrassed about something.

Remember this - your parishioners will, more than likely, be too embarrassed to ask you about something. And this isn't necessarily a private, personal issue (although that does happen) - it might just be something theological that they think, "I should know this - I can't ask pastor a question THIS easy, what will he think of me?!?"

Always, always return to the basics, always look at the foundation again and again - show them that you think things need to constantly be reviewed. . . and then they won't be quite as embarrassed to ask you something "basic" --- and there's a chance you may just go over it and answer it without them having to ask.

Note: This is not the solution for the other side. Don't just talk about embarrassing, personal issues to convince them that they can talk about them to you. That is not good.

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