Monday, December 29, 2008

No calls are good calls

So, I sit down in my friend's house in Houston watching Mike and Mike in the morning. I am on vacation. I do have a sermon to write - and Monday is normally my sermon writing morning, but no, not today. All I have to do is write -- I may do that later - maybe even as we are driving home.

Yesterday, my Seminarian (note how possessive I am) handled services. As he has not called me in tears and no one else from the congregation has called me enraged - so I assume that things went well.

Vacation is nice.


Pastor D said...

One of three thing will happen once you return...they will have loved his sermon so well they will beg you to take off again. It went so poorly they will beg you never to leave again, or they will say nothing at all which means, all went well! Enjoy the time off. We're here in frigid Indiana enjoying the kids before they get back to school in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Wait until Wednesday night, Dec. 31 when I preach. Things will never be the same for ya! The people will say, "Now we understand Brown the Younger for we have seen Brown the Elder, oh our poor, poor pastor, no wonder anymore!!!" :) :)

Brown the Elder [Oldster]