Friday, January 9, 2009

Sooners, Cubs, and Expectations

Well, last night the Oklahoma Sooners lost a close game in the National Championship 24-14 to Florida. . . and it could have swung OU's way if they had made a play or two. However, there will be much bellyaching. . . this is the 3rd time in the past 7 years that OU has lost in the national championship game. . . oh, this is horrible, what do we do. . . .

I'm a Cubs fan as well. The last time the Cubs played for the National Championship in baseball was in 1945. The Sooners have 4 times in the last 9 years. 5 times in those 9 years the Sooners have finished in the Top 5, 7 times in the top 10. This is fantastic. . . and yet, lose a close game and there will be wailing and nashing of teeth. I can't imagine the Cubs having a run anywhere near like this. I'm thrilled that the Cubs have made the playoffs 5 times in the last 25 years, finishing in the top Quarter - the equivalent of basically being a top 15 team.

But, if your expectations are high, you will not be content.

This truth impacts how we live our lives as Christians. Christ instructs us to be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect. When it comes to living our own lives, in struggling against sin - we should not be content with our own behavior - we should always be striving to improve, to show more love, to do better.

I'm sure that's how the players on OU are feeling right now.

However, there is the other side - we need to moderate our expectations of our neighbors. The Law is directed at us, we are not to direct it at our neighbor. Rather, when dealing with our neighbor we need remember what God says about mankind - that we are fallen and sinful and fall short of His glory. Therefore, have low expectations for your neighbor - that way you can be content being with them and serving them.

Think about it - when you are most angry and upset with people, when you are most frustrated, is it not because you expect people to do more than they end up doing, to know more than they do, to care better than they do? Those expectations lead to disappointment, lead to frustration, lead you to possibly ceasing to show love as you ought.

Approach yourself like an athlete - be critical, strive to do better and better, and strive in all things to be perfect. Approach your neighbor like a Cubs fan - hope to have some fun in the sun, but know that they will probably disappoint you. Love them anyway.

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Pastor D said...

Ah yes, those loveable loosers...reminds me of the sage advice given to me by a veteren pastor. The Lord places some people in our lives...just for us to love them.

OU made it to the big dance...I'm hoping for the HOOSIERS just to make it to .500!

On it goes...