Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fort Wayne's Roman Bishop

So according to cnn the Roman Catholic Bishop (of both Fort Wayne and South Bend) is going to skip President Obama's speech at Notre Dame. The reason given is President Obama's recent Stem-cell and Abortion policies. I have a few things.

1. Is this getting any press or play in Fort Wayne?

2. This is brilliant, in my opinion. A lot of people would say, "Don't let him speak." Nope - that isn't a clear statement of disapproval, it just seems mean and harsh. Rather, let him speak, and let your absence be a clear sign of disapproval, and disapproval directly of the specific policies which you name.

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Pastor D said...

The Bishop here in the Ft. Wayne-South Bend Diocese was sent here from Boston because he blew the whistle on the clergy abuse which he felt was being covered up. He is a very conservative Bishop, loved and respected by many Catholic and non-Catholic alike. He gets the press because of his conservative positions. His position is he can not be in attendance because the president's position on stem cells is not in keeping with the teachings of Rome. Notre Dame has to do what the school has to do and he as Bishop has to do what he has to do. A few years back the local Cathlic hospital was not sold for fear that tubule legations might be performed under new ownership.

He is not afraid to take a stand but is very pastoral and kind. And yes, coming from Boston he is a Red Sox fan.