Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Leg Up

I am getting ready for a week off - traveling towards Ohio on the 1st to celebrate the 4th at a family reunion, going to hit St. Joesph, Michigan for Vicar-Elect Jay Hobson's first Sunday as "Vicar Hobson" - then back to Toledo to see my grandma, and then wending our way back here. And so, I wanted to have things set up through the 12th before I leave. My goal was to get the bulletins done today (the sermon for the 12th was going to wait. . . I had started the prep but figured I'd write it next week).

The bugs, apparently, had other ideas.

We have a security system here at Church. It has motion detectors. In a bit of irony, perhaps intended to make me sympathize with the farmers, at harvest time for the wheat the bugs migrate away from the fields, and we get them all over in the Church. Including in the back hallway. Where there is a motion detector. Which is sort of shiny. OoooOOOoooo - shiny.

So this morning the alarm went off (for the 5th time in the past week), but today it went off at 3:30. I actually had the company set the hall motion detector off for the next two weeks. Then, at 3:40 or so the security guy called me back and asked me if I wanted all of the motion detectors off in case they move to another part (which I actually am grateful for), but by then. . . well, my body decided it was awake. And so I got over here well early. . . and worked. And I have the bulletins done. . . as in I finished two weeks and did a third. . . and it's 5:30.

The main goal I had to accomplish for the day in the office. . . and it's done before I even normally wake up. Oh, I even did some devotion too.

Now, this is nice. I will get more done in a bit - probably start on the sermon draft for the 12th - but this is nice. I like getting into the study a few hours before anyone is calling. . . but man, 4 full hours before anyone would come by is going to be really productive.

Because, as we all know, blogging about absolutely nothing of import is the hallmark of productivity.

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Pastor D said...

At Trinity, Lansing in the spring and fall bats would set off the security system. It too had motion detectors. Ah, walking next door at 3:30 am to turn off the ringing system. Godspeed in your travels. It will be good to get away even better to return home.