Thursday, July 23, 2009

Humble in yourself - Bold in the Office

Humility is a trait to be prized as a Christian, especially if you are a Pastor. If you are not humble, you can so easily look down upon people and become callow and cruel. Our Lord is humble, and He is the Chief Servant - any servant who is placed in the Office of the Public Ministry and speaks in the stead and by the command of our Lord Jesus Christ must be humble about himself, humble about desiring his own way when issues of preference are bought forth, humble in his own personal conduct.

But gentlemen, for the love of that same Christ Jesus, never be "humble" in the Office - rather be as Bold as Bold can be! You yourself are a humble man, are a sinner, indeed, and unworthy of the Office which you hold. But guess what - God put you in it, so step up and speak God's Word (for that is what your Office is - the Office of Publicly speaking the Word of God) with all boldness and vigor.

There needs to be a balance (sweeping generalization alert::sweeping generalization alert). It seems as though on the one hand we have arrogant schmucks who aren't humble and think that being a Pastor means if they want a red carpet, by God the church is going to have a red carpet and it is going to have the mesh they want, come hell and high water, as God is my witness I will never walk on orange carpet again! And then, it seems on the other hand there are those who are just utter push overs - well, whatever you want, I'm just here to serve, tell me how I can serve, why yes, of course we can sing this, it is very cute, and why if you dog is well trained of course he can be your ring bearer and everyone just be nice and we can all get along, it's okay if your aunt Sally believes in reincarnation, of course she can commune.

And I am left wanting to vomit.

Be humble in who you are - being a pastor is not license for you as a person to be a jerk. Indeed, it is an injunction for you to be humble. However, be BOLD in the Office.

Are you the Head Pastor of your congregation? Then you are a Bishop. Period. You have been tasked by God with Spiritual oversight and ordered to be the Steward of the Mysteries of God at that place. Don't ho and hum about it - do it. God is the one who has placed you in the pulpit - now speak with His authority. Speak God's Word plainly and bluntly -- and if you aren't sure if something is God's Word, do not speak it (or if pressed, then humbly express that it is merely your opinion, and your very conduct will show that you are not speaking with authority).

Step up to the plate pastors, and proclaim God's Word as though you actually believe God has sent you to!

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Pastor D said...

well put Eric, well put! And to just add one point. Pick your battles carefully. Not every hill is one upon which you must die Preach on!