Monday, February 8, 2010

The Sudden Bravery of Oklahoma

It is snowing out -- we are supposed to get snow, then rain/snow mix in the morning, and then turning to more snow in the afternoon - 2-4 inches (more, if the cold gets here quickly) plus a bunch of wind. It is a pretty snow now. . . but here's the thing.

There's only three school delays. People are just buzzing around.

Boy, you have snow on the ground for 10 days, and then some little flurries don't seem like much.

There's a parable in there somewhere, but I've got a sermon to write.

+ + + + + Addendum + + + + +

The point of the story is don't worry about snow if it ain't on the ground. Day heated up to 35 - all that snow melted, and we got nothing.

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