Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Time for Blessing

It is a time for blessing. No, not that we receive the blessings, per se - but Christians are called to bless those who persecute them. That's Romans 12:14.

Now, isn't that a radically different approach than what we normally think of today? If you ask an American about blessings, the first thing that will jump to mind is all the stuff that God gives us. This isn't bad - I have one pious member, who when I ask how she is doing, will respond, "blessed" - whatever the situation.

However, an oft neglected part of the Christian life is this - that we bless those who would and do us harm. That the person who is cruel to us - we bless them. The person or groups who speak vicious lies for the sake of political gain (let the reader understand) - we are to call upon God to bless them.

It is a time for blessing - but a time to place God's blessings of peace, and love, and charity upon those dwelling in fear, those who are afraid of the simple preaching of the Gospel, those who lack trust that the Word can be effective without my own reason or strength. It's a time for blessing - even a time for mercy.

Lord, have mercy upon us.

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vincent said...

thanks Rev.Brown for this opportuned is a time of mercy..thanks for remindign us!