Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Slugging along in the world

One of the things that can be most disconcerting to Christians is when things this life, this world just seem to drag. Not so much when there is the terror of something awful, because that happens for obvious causes, like _______ is mean, or your 2 pack a day habit caught up to you - but just when every day seems. . . eh. . . like every day. When things become dull and boring, when life has lost its sheen, when things that were good have started to wear thin.

This is disappointing and difficult -- but you know what? Its the way we ought to expect things to be. You see, I think we in the Church has swallowed too much of the world's propaganda, too much of the world's sell job. We believe that our lives ought to look like the commercials (a beer commercial could be especially, especially awesome), that we should be able to always keep up with the Joneses, that the newest and best is ours by the "divine" birthright of being an American.

But that isn't the truth. The truth is that this world is sinful, is fallen, and that all of its joys are fleeting. That meal that was wonderful last night - well, what is it now? That's the way of life in this world. Moth and rust destroy, and food and drink do not satisfy.

So, my friends, do you look out and see the world and just feel rotten and disappointed and disenfranchised - do not be sad but rejoice. You are learning to see things the way they are. And because of this, you are prepared to focus your eyes upon the Treasure which is not destroyed by rust or moth - Christ Jesus - He who is the meal who fills us for life everlasting.

Yeah - the world stinks on ice - this is why we pray "Come, Lord Jesus."

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