Monday, September 6, 2010

The Law Kills, but why?

The Law kills. Anytime you preach the Law, anytime you correct and admonish, you kill. You break. You destroy. That's what the Law does.

So the question becomes, why are you using the Law? Why is this the theological tool you bring forth?

If it is because a person is doing someone that annoys you and you wish to smack them down... that is an erring use of the law. If it is because you want them to know how lousy they are... that is an erring use of the law. If you simply know that they are bad and ought to be killed... that is an erring use of the Law. (Caveat - unless you are in the kingdom of the left, in which case, the law is simply meant to punish)

The Law kills, but it kills for one reason - that the person hearing the Law might be resurrected by the Gospel. The Law is always to meant to lead to repentance, lead to the proclamation of the Gospel.

So - why do you preach the Law? IF it's because X annoys you, that's a false reason. If it's because you want to correct society and make it nice, not really the job of a theologian. If you preach the Law because you love the one in err and would have them turn away from their sin so that they might behold their Savior Christ Jesus both now and forever - then you have done well.

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