Friday, September 3, 2010

You Can't Fix Things

People like to fix things, problems, and ultimately, other people. Sometimes you can fix the first two, but many times you can't, and even if you can, your fixes might unleash other problems. And as for fixing people. . . that doesn't work.

Why do we like fixing things. Well, then we are active, we are creative, we are restorative, we get to be the hero. But some things you simply can't "fix".

Don't be a hero. Don't try to fix things. . . simply show love to people in the middle of things. That might help, it might alleviate things, it might even "fix" things, but don't have that be your goal. That goal is results based, and you don't get to control the results - the ends don't justify the means. Just go show love.

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