Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random East Deconstructing Thought

I know that the East despises and flat out likes to ignore the forensic aspects of Scripture (yes, I just gave my bias there in spades). As they tend to, my thoughts moved to the question of why? Why, when I see forensic language all over the place, especially in the Old Testament, do they not.

And that is when I think I made a useful observation, that, if I were so inclined in more fully analyzing the East, I would research (though it would be long and hard research).

Is the anti-forensic position of the East a child of their struggles with Judaism?

Historically speaking the conflicts between Jews and Christians are much more severe in the Greek speaking communities - for Greek was the diaspora language of both. In the West, however, you end up not getting nearly as much of a focus on Judaism, especially with the transition to Latin. Different languages, more separation, less antagonism.

Jewish themes tend to be highly forensic, and more over their appeals to Law often brought dire consequences for the Christians. One would think then that naturally Greek foci would move away from this Jewish approach.

Just as I tend to shy away from Baptist themes being in Oklahoma, the East with the strongly Jewish idea of forensic and judicial language.

Thoughts? Ideas?

(Apart from "No, we are right and you are wrong about everything in the Scriptures")

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