Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting ready for Galatians

Tomorrow afternoon I will teach my women's bible study class - this is a class that meets once a month, during which time we go over a book of the bible in one hour. Simple overview of the major themes and the like (I cheated twice - I split Exodus in two and I did a second one on Jeremiah to look at the prophetic acts that Jeremiah does).

I love Galatians. I love it because it is the book of freedom. It is the book that teaches, humble, Christian freedom - that you are free not to try and prove yourself better or more holy than anyone else, free to not be bound by silly regulations, free to live your life how you wish so long as you do not use your freedom as an occasion to sin. Why? Because Christ has set us free - there is no bound, no weight, no sword of Damocles hanging over our heads. We are forgiven, we have life in Christ, and we have it abundantly - and it is a gift that no one, no matter how well intending they might be, can take away.

Freedom is a wonderful thing.

I think Luther's Galatians commentary is one of the most profound things ever written - and well worth your time and your read.

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