Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Since I'm linking. . .

I know there are a few new readers to this site...


I said a few. =o)

Any, if you do not already know of this website, you must go to Worldview Everlasting, which is where Rev. Jonathan Fisk and his crack team o' Lutherans do two important things.

1. They answer questions under the "WE Got Answers link" - fantastic answers.

2. Rev. Fisk does two weekly video podcasts - one on Tuesday and one on Friday. These should be part of your weekly viewing (you can also see the videos at www.youtube.com/revfiskj - which is where I normally go. The Tuesday video looks at the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday in the 3-year lectionary and the Friday video is about random topics and questions. Best stuff on the web.

Seriously. Beats the crud out of my stuff.

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