Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When Jesus Was Himself Baptized

When Jesus was Himself baptized
by John in Jordan River,
His redemptive work thus began
and sinners were delivered,
For Christ has filled all righteousness,
The sins of man He has addressed
And cleansed them from us fully.

For True God has become True Man
At the will of the Father
And with poor sinners takes His place
in His baptismal waters.
He who bore no sin ours now bears
That for His sake we are declared
Justified and forgiven.

For when the Lord took up our sin
To slay it upon the Cross
He also gave His righteousness
to restore what we had lost.
When in Eden Adam first fell
He had consigned us all to hell
But Christ has now restored us.

By Baptism our sins are washed
taken away by our Lord
and also we are given life
the image of God restored
For now we are joined unto Christ
And thus we truly share His life
Which conquers sin and dying.

So rejoice mankind when you see
Your Savior's own baptism
for He has joined Himself to you,
and you are thus forgiven
For as He doth the Father please
You are at the same time redeemed
For Christ fulfills everything.

All praise to Jesus Christ our Lord
Who ever shall be adored
With the Father and the Spirit,
Triune God forevermore
For life eternal He has brought
He war against sin He has fought
And He has made us victors.

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