Thursday, March 3, 2011

Empty Promises and Unfulfilled

Empty Promises Broken (a poem on sin, temptation, and the emptiness of so many pop songs)

Just go a little bit more,
a bit beyond right and wrong
find some new sweet seeming vice
and then let it come on strong.

The first hit is always free
always seems so lovely sweet
now just grab and grasp some more
untold pleasures to complete

Friends tell you it's destruction,
Their warnings seem dull and drag.
Step up and ignore the end
Take everything you can grab.

It never quite satisfies, does it?

Always the call for a bit more,
always the best around the bend
Always dragging deeper down
Depravity without end

That's the point.

Every lust, every passion
every untamed desire
whispers pretty promises
that fall apart, expire

Then it wears and breaks you down
On it goes, the worse it gets
Your Body falls to ruins
Because you weren't made for this

Wake up worn wand finally see
Empty promises broken,
Simply lies left unfulfilled
they leave you cold and broken

We end up bringing our lives
So much heartache and such pain
doing things we know are wrong
Striving to feel "that" again

That's the trap
That's the lie
That's the ultimate reason why
we listen to lies
and always try
to get some new silly so called high
that just leave you wanting to die
On and on in a cycle cruel
ignoring things we know to be true
Sin just isn't good for you.

God grant us repentance to turn away from our own pet sins.

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