Monday, June 13, 2011

... but it will grow the Church

"... but it will grow the Church."

I cringe whenever "it will grow the Church" is the argument and rationale for why we should or shouldn't do something.

I've spent 25 years hearing this line of argumentation about Contemporary Worship. No thought as to whether it is good, right, or proper. Just demographics - people like this, so let's do this, let's manipulate the demographics, that will grow the Church.

We are never, never called to "grow the Church" - we are called to remain faithful. The Holy Spirit will grow the Church when and where He wills. No plan, no change, no rule of ours will grow the Church.

Our actions, our thoughts, our focus should not be placed upon numbers -- you know what happens when people get worried about numbers in the Old Testament? God strikes them dead. Or God sends most of the soldiers home. Or God tells Elijah to quit worrying about numbers and just remain faithful.

Quit trying to figure out how to grow the Church. Quit trying to figure out how you can guilt, entice, trick, tease, or make people show up. You can't. This is the work of the Spirit. He works faith when and where He wills via the preaching of the Gospel. Let Him be in charge.

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