Monday, June 13, 2011

What a Man is

Sinful man is a factory for excuses.

Seriously - think about this as you enter your week. How many just utterly dumb excuses and false justifications will you hear this week? Will you make this week? It's like we are an assembly line for cheap excuses - one by one they roll off of our tongue.

And they are never really true.

I'm too busy --> really, I just don't want to.
I had too much going on --> I just don't want to (or possibly, I forgot)
I forgot --> I buried you in the deepest recesses of my mind so you wouldn't bother me again.
I couldn't get a hold of you --> I really hope your phone doesn't have caller ID so you notice that I haven't called in over a week.

I suppose we could go on - that could be entertaining. Leave your favorite excuses (and their real meanings) in the comments if you like. But I think we get the picture. We make excuses. We try to self-justify.

That's what sinful man is. He makes excuses. He fails to act rightly and then talks about it. So, then, what is the opposite? What does the New Man look like?

The New Man is a quiet doer of good.

Seriously, isn't that what the New Man does. Goes about his business and doesn't draw attention to himself. No showy displays of "see how great I am, see how much I give." Is much more quick to listen than to spout of something. Does what needs to be done... and then is off to something else.

The more a man talks about his actions, the worse they are.

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