Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Bait and Switch of the World

The world is harsh and cruel, and our sinful flesh is foolish. We long for anything to dull the pain, to make it go away, and the world makes it's promises of joys and wonders, and the flesh gives in.

For what? Something fleeting? A brief, transient nice feeling that fades quickly? Pleasure that objectifies the neighbor and isolates from them? Things that do harm to your own body?

True joy, true peace - these are fruits of the Spirit. These are seen and known not by trying to run away from our pain, but recognizing that God Himself took up our own pain and shame and suffering upon the Cross, so that in Him we might have joy and peace and love and life everlasting. These are known in beholding our Risen Lord, knowing that as He has walked through pain and suffering in this world, so too He shall lead us unto life everlasting.

Joy and peace in this life are not the destruction of our suffering - they are knowing that because of Christ we shall endure now and indeed have now the promise of life everlasting. That never falls short, that never harms the neighbor, that never fades like the quick fixes of the world do.

Oh for the day when sin no longer tempts, oh for the day when I am no longer a sin junkie! Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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