Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just a Quick Thought

Just a quick thought.

I had a friend today say that he thought the human race was perfectable. To a point that is true -- I will be perfect one day - perfect in Christ. I will be perfect because of the Gospel. But not via social growth or development.

It's sad that people really think that eventually evil will just go away - that things are done simply because of bad environment or what have you. It's just an undercutting of law and personal accountability -- yet it is a prevelent view today. Is it any wonder that the Gospel is disdained... we think we'll obtain perfection through Chemistry, Social Justice, and plastic surgery. Why would anyone who thinks this way seek perfection and redemption in Christ Jesus?

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Sage said...

We do think that we can do it all on our own, eliminating the need for a Savior. It's the same lie Satan told Eve in the garden, "you too can be as God and know all." The lie has never changed. Knowledge = power, power = god. All power, all glory goes to him who has all the cards. We strive to get the cards all for ourselves. It humbles man too much to bow down to another and admit powerlessness.

When discussing Jesus with others, that's always my hardest hurdle. Most all people out there think we can just make the world a better place by being good. There's a fine line between being good citizens and neighbors and taking the credit for it all.