Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is Freedom?

I am weird. I love people who have completely and totally different political views than me. I love seeing the different ways people approach things - especially when they are consistent.

I love them, even though I disagree with them. Why? Because I know that their thoughts really don't threaten me... because I am Christ's.

So what if my crazy liberal friends take over? Meh... I belong to Christ. If they tax me, so what - Jesus died for me.

So what if my neo-con friends take over? Meh... I belong to Christ. If they clamp down on all my freedoms - I am free in Christ Jesus.

If the Socialists, the Communistist, the Darwinists, the Environmentalists take over -- they really can't do anything to me... not in the long run. At worst they can make my body suffer, which only drives me closer to Christ until that day when I am with Him for all eternity.

Christ Jesus makes me free - free to enjoy and be fascinated by all the crackpot ideas that are out there in the world. And that's pretty sweet.

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Anonymous said...

That's why I enjoy Coast-to-Coast AM, conspiracy Theories, libertarian principals, St. Paul [all things are permissible but not necessarily beneficial] paraphrase, etc. In Christ I am free. If it doesn't affect my salvation in Christ, why sweat things in this world. Only God is good!

Brown the Elder