Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What the World Needs Now, is Law, Stern Law.

The World NEEDS the Law preached to it. I am more and more convinced of this.

Not because people are behaving poorly. Not because there is outward unrighteousness. Not because there are cats and dogs living together and mass hysteria.

I will make a blunt and overstated statement. I don't care about civil righteousness. Okay, I do, it's a good thing... but Hell is going to full of folks who were nice, civilly righteous people. Civil righteousness is the icing on the cake of life... and people are missing the meat.

We need to preach the Law because people no longer have any concept of sin. There is no concept of personal accountability for wrong actions, even if one would be bold enough to submit that anything short of rank terrorism is wrong. Well, that, and you being wrong for hurting my feelings.

But there is no sense of things being... wrong. Or if they are wrong... it's this movement's fault. Blame the Muslims, blame the Republicans, blame the corporations, blame the immigrants. It's some depersonalized idea or attribute. It's greed (not my greed), it's poverty, it's religion, it's violence, it's fear.

But when do people ever say that it is their fault? Why must, whenever anything bad happens, we play the victim card where everything rests upon another.

You know why I'm overweight? I'll talk about the heat making me not want to exercise. I'll talk about how the ads on TV spur me to get snacks that I don't need. I could even mention the serving sizes at the restaurants. And even if that is all true.... you know why I am overweight?

Because I am lazy. Because I do not exercise self-control, both in what I eat and in what I do regarding exercise.

And that's something silly like my waist size. Ultimately, that's not that important in the long run.

What about sin. What about the fact that I am worthy of hell and damnation? What about the fact that my only hope for salvation is in the redemption won for me by Christ Jesus.

The World needs the Law... because right now the world has no idea that it actually needs Christ Jesus.

Who cares if we make people behave nicely if they are still riding in the handbasket and going south quicker and quicker?

We need the Law to do some killing, the Law to prepare for the Gospel. We need the Law to smash some self-righteousness.

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Mike Baker said...


I would be willing to submit that the world ALWAYS needs the Law preached to it for the same reason in all other ages as it is needed so desperately today. :P