Monday, August 22, 2011

Historical Thoughts on the Current Day

You know, the last few days in wandering around on the Religious corners of the Internet, there's been a lot of... lousy. Not lousy writing, but things pointing out just how... lousy things are. And of course, there becomes the comparison to yesteryear - how things are getting worse and worse all the time.


I will admit that I find great comfort in being a Historian, because it pulls me back from the immediate problems, and not just back in such a way that I can see that they are getting worse... but well back.

Are there apostates today? Sure. Always have been. Even Jesus asks the disciples, "Are you going to leave Me as well"?

Do people ignore the confessions of the Church today? Sure. Always have -- in fact, consider Athanasius who spends 17 years in exile, and why... for confessing the faith of Nicea, the official confession of the Church.

Is society going to hell in a handbasket? Sure. And this has been true over and over -- this has been true of every civilization on the face of the planet.

Think on the trial you faced in your life back around 10 years ago. In the moment, it was horrible. With time, you see that you were carried through it.

This is true of the Church in History. God will preserve to Himself His people. Will it be the glory that we might want? No... but thus is life. Here we have the cross, not yet glory. Christ remains Lord.

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