Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am an Anticodian

I am not, contrary to what some may think, an antinomian. I do enjoy the Law. I enjoy pondering it. In a strangely sadistic way, I can almost even enjoy it when it lays me bare.

I am an Anticodian. I am opposed, not to the Law, but to your codes and lists of rules and things like that -- the things you come up with whereby you seek to tame the Law and make it your servant rather than your judge. I'm opposed to the lists and steps you give so that you can think, "There, now I know how to live according to the Law."

Oh, wise fool - do you not know that it is from your heart that sin flows, and that no code or plan or steps that you contrive, or even do, will cleanse, fix, or put to rest that wretched thing? Do you know know that in all things, you will remain a sinner bound in sinful flesh so long as you live in this life now? Why do you seek to justify anything you have done?

No - give me not your codes. They are just a false law content to pretend that a moving death is some how life.

Give me Christ Jesus, instead - and He will make well up in me streams of living water, which flow out of me without my prompting. He will make me His new creation, setting me to walk in works of His devising (not my preemptive listing or planning).

I don't need your codes, your plans. I have Christ, and He makes me to show love, even over and against my sinful flesh, which He beats down and drowns and mortifies.

I must decrease that He may increase. I believe, help my unbelief.

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